Improve the performance and efficiency of clinical trials

  • Higher enrollment rate
  • Reduced burden on investigative sites
  • Faster resolving of queries
  • Fewer protocol amendments
  • Streamline study conduct
    in investigative sites
  • Easy outreach
    to referring physicians


Advanced technology to boost investigative site intelligence

Innovative referral

networking concept

We have rethought the concept of referring practitioners to render it both accessible and actionable for clinical sites. Sites can increase patient recruitment with just a few clicks using our proprietary technology embedded in Clinwork Connect.

in-trial communication

under control

No longer will there be communication gaps, failures, or unintended delays in clinical trials. Our innovative Intelligent Protocol Tracking and Queries Notification System create new standards for improving productivity in any site.


site analytics

Daily routines of study monitors and clinical study teams have changed as a result of a more centralized monitoring approach and the necessity for Risk-Based Monitoring. Clinwork Desk offers monitors access to site activity in real-time, enabling them to gain real insight.



High-quality User Experience (UX) design for our services, based on our in-depth understanding of site team roles, responsibilities, and clinical- life pain points. We know how today’s sites really work. We want to change the way they perform, in the very near future.

Validated cloud-based


We build our systems to meet the highest standards of security and reliability. Clinwork is hosted on a compliant FDA 21 CRF Part 11 and HIPAA cloud and adheres to a formal security policy including business continuity, disaster recovery, encryption, access control, and information security.



Clinical trials have become heavily data-guided. To unlock the true value of data generated by sites using Clinwork, we developed our own system for measurement of their activities called Site Engagement Metrics, ensuring seamless communication with other systems thanks to our robust API.

clinwork connect

Outreach to referring physicians to support investigative sites. Quickly acquire preselected trial candidates. Establish long-term relationships, building clinical trial awareness. Make a referral network of exceptional value in the context of future trials.

clinwork desk

Designed with clinical trials in mind, our solution facilitates real-time communication and task completion, with special focus on the timely resolution of queries. You can truly experience the quality of a site’s work and engagement in the trial.


Let's take advantage of these facts

Protocol non-compliance accounted for 46% of overall deficiencies in investigative sites during the past decade.

Tufts CSDD Impact Report,
January/February 2015,
Vol. 17 No. 1

Total execution burden grew by 54% in investigative sites due to protocol complexity.

Getz et al. Variability in Protocol Design Complexity by Phase and Therapeutic Area. DIJ 2011 45(4); 413-420.

When asked, 82% of physicians say they’d be more willing to refer patients if they developed a working relationship with a clinical trial investigator.

Tufts CDDS Research&Development Management Report,
Vol. 11 (1), 2016


No one denies that realm of everyday work in clinical trials is somehow broken.

Information overload in clinical trials burdens even the most experienced study teams. But no existing strategy to revolutionize clinical trials seems to make sense.

Only constant and incremental improvements that benefit from technological advancements and the collective wisdom of all stakeholders will create change. We have more than 15 years of experience, both from a Principal Investigator perspective as well as from being Clinical Research Associate on the other side. We’ve gained many insights and deeply understand all the pains that sites have to face making trials the real thing. That’s why we have taken a site-centricity perspective: to change completely how the clinical sites working model might look.

In the near future, we imagine that conducting clinical trials will not only be a privilege for a few highly-specialized but very hermetic organizations. The new model should lean towards distributed and agile networks of experienced clinical centers, and collaborating physicians from their surroundings. For sure you can find very good examples of such collaboration even today, but our ambition is to make it something normal and universal. Everywhere.

We also need to think about quality and the models of communication between a site team and the study team, especially study monitors.Why not try to take a different approach, using on-hand benchmarks and modern technologies that we have recently become accustomed to? Think about the concept of the "smart site” as an agile and efficient organization that is doing tasks with less effort but at the same time focusing on what really matters and quickly eliminating trial backlogs. As a result, we become more productive and avoid wasting the time and resources of the site team. And of course, we will be loved by sponsors because it means better performance and higher quality.

So, now you know how Clinwork Connect and Clinwork Desk originated.
But this is only the beginning of the story... start changing with us.

Dawid Wiener, MD PhD

is a physician with a PhD in philosophy and research focus on cognitive science. Former head of strategy in an advertising agency, director of research&development in a market research agency. Worked as a Clinical Research Associate and co-founded the innovative agency Cogision, primarily engaged in research in the field of design, usability, and Ux which also launched an advanced SaaS solution called UsabilityTools

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Przemysław Bogacki, MD

is a medical doctor (psychiatrist), with 20 years of experience. Founder of an outpatient clinic and research center. Principal investigator in over 50 clinical trials in psychiatry, and as head of the clinic in other indications. National coordinator of several clinical research projects. MedAvante expert-clinician remotely performed live interviews with subjects at investigative sites for clinical trials.

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